Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Imprints with Papier Mâché

Recently we made imprints using plastic nature plates and instant papier mâché from Blick Art Materials. The nature plates are commonly used for rubbings, but in this activity they are used to make imprints. An imprint is a mark or figure impressed on something. The indentations on the smooth side of the plastic nature plate produce an imprint when filled with papier mâchéOnce the papier mâché is dry peel the plastic nature plate away from the papier mâché. If you pull the dried papier mâché away from the plate you may break the papier mâché imprint

Mix Water With The Instant Papier Mâché
Until Consistency Is Moist

Use The Smooth Side Of The Nature Plate 
Place Papier Mâché On Nature Plate

Press Down On Papier Mâché 
So It Fills Indentations

Thickness Of Papier Mâché 
Should Be 1/4 Inch

Leaf Imprint After Being 
Removed From Nature Plate

Crayons And Markers Work Well To Embellish Imprint