Sunday, October 18, 2015

Using Symbols in Art

"Me swimming in a river", age 5
Today, people communicate regularly through a variety of mediums. Sharing stories and ideas with each other has become easier and more sophisticated over time. In the past, expressing emotions, feelings and ideas was a lot simpler. 
"A rainbow with a cloud and rain with my friends", age 6
Native Americans used symbols to document their lives. Basic images and geometric shapes were used to tell a story. I showed the girls in my private small group art class a few symbols on a the sheet of paper below that I thought were easy to decipher. The girls identified them with me. Then I told them to draw me a story using the symbols we learned or create their own symbols. Their drawings incorporate some or all of the symbols we reviewed together. I was not sure how the pictures would turn out. I was happy to see how nicely they used symbols and the joyfulness in their pictures.