Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This mosaic project was inspired by a bag of leftover red kidney beans. The students in my summer art class used recycled red kidney beans along with an assortment of colored beans, pasta, tiles, and gems to create mosaics. I suggested they create a design that was very open (not a lot of details), but they decided what their mosaic would be - either something real or imaginary. Designs ranged from smiley faces, to Kermit the Frog, to a strawberry. The tree (pictured above) has a very ethereal feeling and may be more imaginary than real.  A background made-up of blue-green pasta gives the mosaic (above right) dimension. The students patiently placed the elements down. One girl broke the pasta into smaller pieces (Strawberry) so that it would lay flat. Another girl spent several class periods gluing rows of green and yellow peas for the background of her cat mosaic. Looking around the classroom at the completed mosaics I was really impressed. I saw a wide range of designs that were executed with great attention to detail and care. It felt good knowing that materials in the classroom that had been used for other projects were being repurposed in new and exciting ways.