Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Papier Mâché Mask

This past year I have challenged the students I teach by introducing them to a wide variety of art mediums, techniques and projects. I pushed myself as well to come up with new ideas and make what I teach relevant to my students. I am excited about the results I have seen in my student's work. Recently one of the students I teach one-on-one made a Papier Mâché mask. He is a big fan of fantasy and made his mask to look like an alien. Layers of newspaper strips coated with a flour and water mixture were applied to a balloon. The eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were created using scrunched up newspaper and secured to the mask with additional newspaper strips. Once the mask had a sufficient amount of layers it was left to dry. After the Papier Mâché was dry the balloon was popped and removed. With a scissor my student cut the balloon in half (vertically) leaving two perfect halves. One mask he used an additive process - added extra paper to make the features of a face (above). The other half was a blank mask waiting for the eyes, nose, mouth (with sharp teeth) to be cut away (subtractive) with a box cutter to reveal another mask.