Friday, April 4, 2014

Paper Plate Puppet

Rrrr-o-a-rrr! I had so much fun making this puppet out of a white paper plate, large craft stick, two pieces of colored construction paper, felt, and glue. I did not spend much time planning out my design. I used my scissors to create the curvy mane and the golden felt highlights. Leftover scraps of felt were used to  make fierce eyes. I attached my craft stick with a stapler to the plate. Then, I glued the lion's mouth on top of the staples so they are not noticeable.
I usually do not make samples of art projects, however, sometimes it is necessary. It can be helpful to have a visual aid when explaining an art project. It also gives students an idea of what my expectations are and motivates them to push themselves creatively. It is important to me that my students work hard, make an effort and complete their art projects to the best of their ability.