Thursday, March 13, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Puppet

This adorable penguin hand puppet was made from a recycled toilet paper roll! I started off by covering the roll with colored construction paper. I made sure to add details found on a penguin, so that it would be recognizable. However, I did not try to make every detail perfect. For a touch of whimsey I added a bow tie. I stuffed colored tissue paper into the center of the tube to create the penguin's head. If you are a stickler for symmetry cut matching elements at the same time. Draw an eye, ear, wing, paw, arm, or leg on a piece of paper, then put another piece of paper behind your first piece of paper. Cut both pieces of paper at the same time. This will insure that whatever you are cutting will be a matching pair. There are many great ideas for toilet paper hand puppets on the Internet. Or, use your imagination and come up with a totally original creation!