Thursday, March 7, 2013

Be An Artist: Andy Warhol

The last time I met with my after school art class I took a photograph of each child. At home I used my computer to take all the color out of the photograph. What I was left with was a black and white image of each student with great positive and negative spaces. This is good. When I talk about Andy Warhol to children I like to show them his celebrity self portraits. His use of bold color in unexpected ways is innovative and exciting. I give the children several copies of their self-portraits so that they can create a series like Andy Warhol. I explain to them that artists often create many versions using the same subject. This process helps artists better explore their subject. I think it also allows the child to take risks and try different ideas. I like the way the children's self-portraits look together in a group and encourage my students to walk around and take a look at their fellow classmates work. Children love to see themselves in different ways. I saw children using bold colors, lines, bullseyes, dots like Seurat, and stripes in their self-portraits. They were at ease trying new and unconventional designs.