Friday, December 7, 2012

BASC Fall 2012: Sculpture Class

Our art studio felt like an art hospital as students wrapped and smoothed their plaster strips onto their Styrofoam sculptures like doctors putting on casts. I bought a 5 lbs. box of plaster strips online and it was enough to cover eight large sculptures. I cut the plaster strips into squares so it would be easier to work with and the waste would be minimized. To activate the plaster strips they had to be submerged in warm water. I found warm water in the school cafeteria, and filled two pans and two containers. The plaster is dusty, but not too messy. The students enjoyed using their hands to wet and smooth the plaster onto their sculptures. They worked really hard. I think it would have been easier for some students if their sculptures were smaller (the size of a loaf of bread). Also, many of the sculptures had odd angles, curves and appendages that made it challenging to cover with the plaster. Overall the students enjoyed exploring this new material and were challenged with applying it onto their sculptures. Some students asked me where they could get plaster strips to use at home. Their interest and enthusiasm showed me that they were transferring what they had learned in the art studio to their real lives.