Friday, November 16, 2012

BASC Fall 2012: Sculpture Class

The students in my sculpture class knew that red, blue and yellow are primary colors. Almost all of the girls knew that green, orange and purple are secondary colors. Fortunately, I had both primary and secondary colors on hand for the students to use, but if they desired another color they would have to mix that color themselves. The girls didn't mind filling their palettes with paint and mixing their desired hues. In fact, I think they enjoyed creating their own custom colors. Even though the wooden sculptures (made during the last class) looked great au natural, they were all getting a coat of paint. Some applied one color, others used two-colors, while even more chose multi-colors. Most used brushes to apply the paint, but a few used other methods. One girl used her fingers to dab the paint on. Two girls created interesting textures - one flung the paint on with her fingers (Jackson Pollack style) and another created a marbleized effect. When I talked to the girls during the art process I asked them how they came up with their painting techniques. They told me that they did it instinctively. I thought they felt safe and secure enough to try new things and take risks. The painted sculpture above looks like a painting. The sculpture and paint have morphed into a cohesive whole.