Friday, October 26, 2012

BASC Fall 2012: Sculpture Class

A good teacher needs to be prepared for anything! When I came to The Bronxville School to teach my regular Friday afternoon class there was a lot of activity in the classrooms and hallways. Teachers and staff were in the midst of preparing for a potential weather emergency. Since The Bronxville School is prone to flooding anything on the first floor that is mobile was being moved to a higher floor or out of the building as a precaution. My art supplies are kept on the first floor and were being moved out of the building. Instead of painting the soft sculptures the students made the week before, I was left with a bag of assorted materials and a teacher's can do spirit. I had scissors, markers, paper, masking tape, string, foam beads, and self-adhesive letters. Students began by making signs with their names on them, then moved on to beading. A girl spontaneously started to make snowflakes, and before I knew it we were all making cut art. Everyone shared their cutting techniques for unique snowflakes. One girl surprised me by making a mini soft sculpture out of paper scraps and masking tape (photo above). Another girl made small foam sculptures scattered on a piece of paper. She carefully placed one foam bead on top of another and stuck them together with tiny rolled-up pieces of masking tape. All my students used the materials I provided well and were very creative. They also showed me that I am an effective teacher.