Friday, October 19, 2012

BASC Fall 2012: Sculpture Class

Soft sculptures are made with heavy weight paper, staples, and recycled newspaper strips. This project has multiple steps. The most important step is the design process. A design with small, narrow areas will not work. It will be difficult to stuff these areas with newspaper and the paper could tear. Designs with bigger, or more rounded areas will be easier to stuff with newspaper and be more successful. Spend time reviewing designs with students and have them revise their designs if necessary. Use paper that is heavy weight and fold the paper in half. Students should draw their design on one side of the paper. Carefully cut the design out so you have two identical pieces. Staple both pieces of paper together and leave an opening in a strategic spot so you can stuff the sculpture with newspaper. Once the sculpture has been stuffed staple the sculpture closed. The newspaper will bring your sculpture to life.