Friday, October 5, 2012

BASC Fall 2012: Sculpture Class

I was excited to meet new and repeating students at my kids sculpture class at the Bronxville After School Club (BASC). BASC is an after school enrichment program offered to students in grades 1 - 5. I have been teaching art at BASC for five years and always get inspired by what my students create. Using recycled foam as a base and pipe cleaners to create forms the students made gardens, cars and abstract designs. One sculpture initially looked like a cage, then turned into a car (photo above). As the students became more comfortable working with the foam and pipe cleaners they began to look for ways to expand on their creations. Toothpicks were used to attach the additional foam pieces. One student made a staircase, and others added on multiple levels that provided more room to create. At the end of class they shared their work proudly with each other and gave nice compliments.