Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Arts Program at HBMS

I believe that it is important that children learn to work together to achieve a common goal. Over a four day period I selected two different art projects to stress collaboration in my art classes. 
 During the beginning of the week the students worked together on a mural. The first step was to brain storm ideas, decide on a design and begin to sketch elements. It is important that children get a chance to share their ideas as well as listen respectfully to others. Students can be selected to write down the ideas and sketch out the design. The second day students began painting the mural. The final day was spent discussing how to make improvements to the mural and adding embellishments. Overall, students worked well together and the most successful murals were the ones where everyone participated. 
The second art project was a shared collage. Students glued one item on a piece of paper then passed their collage to the person on their right who continued the collaging process. Students were hesitant at first to share their collage, because they were afraid another person would "mess it up". However, I observed the students were equally creative and respectful of each other's art. The finished collages came back to the original person with new twists on the earlier versions of their collage. In the end I think everyone was satisfied with their finished collage.