Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Arts at HBMS

Creating soft sculptures is a multi-step process and can be easily differentiated to meet the needs of your students. This project incorporates fine motor skills such as: drawing, cutting, stapling and painting. First students come up with an idea. The best ideas are ones that stem from their interests. If students are working on something that they know and like it is a sure bet that they will be engaged in the project. Students drew on a large piece of paper. (Make sure that the paper has been folded over like a flap so later when they cut out the object they have two identical pieces.) I use butcher paper, but any heavy weight paper will work. I recommend that the objects don't have any areas that are too pointy or narrow, because it is hard to stuff those areas with newspaper strips. Once the object is cut out the two pieces are matched up (they become the front and back), and stapled together. Leave one area open so that you can stuff the sculpture with recycled newspaper strips. Fill the sculpture until it is plump, then close up the opening with more staples. Painting is the final step and brings the soft sculpture to life. After the paint has dried students can embellish further with colored tissue paper, glitter, yarn, buttons and so on.