Friday, March 30, 2012

BASC Spring '12: Fasteners

"A bee's legs fold-up when they fly," explained a boy in my pop-up class. His bee is attached to the paper with fasteners so he can manipulate the body and head. The sun rotates as well. Students were eager to use the fasteners but struggled to come up with ideas. They eventually came up with some very interesting moving parts. One student made a dog flip around; another created a movable roof on a house; and several others had twirling flowers. The best part for me, after the teaching, was giving them the freedom to imagine and the tools to bring their ideas to life. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

BASC Spring '12: Slides

These are not playground slides but pop-up slides! Pop-up slides are images that move up and down or side to side on a strip of paper that is woven through another paper (inserted between slits in the paper to be exact). Images can be of anything. It's fun to use images that some how alter the scene on the page. For example, the slide could be a hat that moves on and off a person's head. Another idea for a slide is a dog that looks like it is going for a walk as the slide moves back and forth. It is important to use heavy weight paper like card stock so the slide works smoothly. Tabs at the end of the slide that say "push" or "pull" in a different color from the slide are a nice detail to add.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


MYLAR, a poetry collection, by Eric Wertheimer is now published and can be ordered directly from BlazeVOX
I designed the book cover for this little gem. It is exciting to know that my creative efforts will be a part of Eric's writing legacy. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

BASC Spring '12: Pop-Ups

After teaching my students how to make pop-up mouths and noses I showed them how to make a Vase. Basically, a Vase is an upside down nose. I reviewed with the students how to make the cut and folds. Once they made a Vase I asked them what they were going to put in their Vase. Some students turned their Vase into a cone and added scoops to the top. Other students had an animal like a dog (above) or rabbit coming out of the top of their Vase. And, a few had Easter eggs popping up. Whatever the students chose they made it their own by adding distinguishing details and color.

Friday, March 2, 2012

BASC Spring '12: Pop-Ups

Teaching pop-ups can be challenging when you are working with children who are on different levels developmentally. Every time I teach a pop-up lesson I think a lot about how I am going to teach. Today, I had the kids follow along with me step-by-step as I demonstrated how to make pop-up mouths and noses. I felt this teaching strategy has been the most successful so far. All the children were engaged in the learning and fewer children needed one-on-one assistance. In between teaching I quickly moved around the room to check in with my students. All of them did a mouth and some a mouth and a nose. The children's art work is evidence of their learning. A few folds and a cut produce mouths and noses that are then transformed by the children into incredible characters.