Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gallery Exhibit: Piecing it Together

Piecing it Together at the Mount Vernon Public Library
February 9 - March 27, 2012

Natalya Aikens
Michael Albert
Dara Kane
Luis Perelman

Piecing it Together is an exhibition of works by four Westchester artists who exemplify the range of this quintessentially modernist medium in the 21st century. Their pieced-together art works challenge the expected and the everyday.

Mount Vernon Public Library
28 South First Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Art work credit: "Brillo Flag" by Michael Albert

Friday, February 17, 2012

BASC Spring '12: Flaps

During my pop-up class I introduced four different types of flaps - regular flaps, hinge flaps, any shape flaps and fold out flaps. Flaps are made out of paper and are affixed to another support. They can cover an illustration, text or movable illustration. When the flap is lifted it reveals an image or word. I demonstrated how to make each type of flap; I used a pop-up book to show examples of each type of flap; and gave students a handout on flaps to use as a visual aid. The students who are older and more confident sat together to work on their flaps. At another table I worked one-on-one with a smaller group of students who needed my guidance. Once students mastered making the flaps they set to work on drawings that would give their viewer the biggest surprise. I think they showed a lot of creativity with the designs they put on and under their flaps. Yum, yum!

Monday, February 6, 2012

BASC Spring '12: Pop-Ups

The Bronxville After School Club (BASC) started Spring Classes last week. I am teaching a new art class that focuses mostly on pop-ups. Pop-ups have always intrigued me, so I am excited about learning and teaching students how to create all types of pop-ups. During the first class students learned how to make a Step. Although it was difficult at first to cut and fold the paper properly to create a crisp Step many students quickly got the hang of it. I was impressed that some students even took the time to create a scene around their pop-up. Each student got a blank book which they will fill weekly with the pop-up they learned that day. By the end of the course each student will have made their very own pop-up book.